Google My Business Insights

Google announced today that they are updating the Google My Business Insights feature, where business owners can view analytics around how people find and interact with their Google local listings.

The new features include a breakdown of how many people are seeing your listings from Google Search versus Google Maps. Here is a screen shot showing you how the Insights section plots that data:


Also, Google will show you how users found your listing by either through a direct click or search, which they call “discovery.” Direct is when a customer finds your listing searching for your business name or address. Discovery is when a customer finds your listing by searching for a category, product or service.

PageRank was designed to be a natural way to gauge authority based on what neutral third parties think of various sites; over time, in a closed system, the most authoritative and trustworthy sites would rise to the top.

The big flaw is that this isn’t a closed system; as soon as webmasters learned about PageRank, they began cooking up schemes to manipulate their own site authority, such as creating link wheels and developing software that could automatically acquire links on hundreds or thousands of unsuspecting websites at the push of a button. This undermined Google’s intentions and forced them to develop a series of checks and balances.

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